Important Information

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IMMUNIZATIONS: Kindergarteners must have valid immunizations on file by Nov. 14 or face exlusion from school. If your child is not up to date on immunzations, please make an appointment to get them current and bring in the information asap.

BIRTH CERTIFICATES: State statute requires that students must be age 5 on or before September 1 to enter kindergarten. We use birth certificates as validation of age. If you have not already provided the district with this information, please bring in a copy of the certified birth certificate, hospital birth certificate or baptismal certificate which includes the full names of both parents and date of birth. The secretary can make a photocopy and return your original.

FREE & REDUCED MEAL forms are available on our District's website and selecting Services>Food & Nutrition>Free & Reduced Meals Application. If you think you might qualify for this assistance, please turn in a form asap. Federal funding of Title I programs for disadvantaged students is determined by the number of students who qualify for free or reduced meal prices. Families must reapply every year before Sept. 30 in order to be eligible for free/reduced meals.

PICTURE DAY: All students are photographed each fall for identification purposes and inclusion in the school year book. Packets are available to families for purchase. A retake day is scheduled for those who missed the original date or wish to have photos retaken - you must return your original picture packet on that day. Proceeds benefit the school. Spring pictures are an optional fundraiser event which also benefits the school.

VISION AND HEARING SCREENINGS: All students will have their vision and hearing screened in the fall. These are basic screenings and are not intended to take the place of professional medical assessments. Families will be notified if the screenings indicate a need for further assessments.

FUNDRAISERS: The PTC conducts several fundraisers throughout the year. Club's Choice, Scholastic Bookfair, Holiday Wreath Sales, SW Sweatshirt/T-shirt sales, and the Holiday Craft Sale all take place between Oct. and Dec. See their page for details and volunteer to help when possible.

POPCORN FRIDAYS: The PTC sells popcorn for 25 cents at lunchtime twice a month. If your child asks for a quarter for popcorn, know that it is benefits the PTC in its many supportive activies.

RELIGIOUS RELEASE: Third and fourth graders are permitted to attend religious release classes at area churches on Wednesday afternoons twice a month. Registration is required before students are permitted to leave school for this purpose.

MAP TESTING: Grades 2 - 4 take computerized tests in Reading and Math in the fall, mid-year, and spring as a measurement tool to assess academic progress.

FALL CONFERENCES: All parents are invited to meet with teachers during the 3rd week of November for fall conferences. These are very important for students, families, and teachers to review progress so far and discuss strategies for continued improvement.

MCA TESTING: Mandatory state standardized tests in Reading and Math are given to students in grades 3 & 4 each spring. Test data is used to assess academic progress individually and district wide and to assist schools in determining appropriate programming options for students.