Parent Portal:  In order to set up a new Portal account, please read the Portal Account Guidelines on the District's websit,, and electronically submit the Parent Portal Access Agreement.  Directions for setting up your Portal account will be sent to you by email upon receipt of the completed form.  Thank You!

Health Plans and Med Authorizations: Please complete all forms for health services and return them to the nurse ASAP. Health Plans provide documentation of conditions requiring treatment or awareness. Doctor's orders must be on file to administer prescription medications at school. Over the counter medicines require parental signature on a medication authorization form, along with dosage information. Contact the school nurse for a meds authorization form.

TARDY or ABSENT: If your child will be absent, please call the school by 9:00 am. Leave a message on the voicemail overnight or after hours. If your child will be late, notify the office if possible. Students should be signed in upon arrival to get a late admission slip to class. Students arriving mid-day following appointments should also be signed in.

Early Pick-Ups should be prearranged whenever possible. Send a note or call the school as early as possible indicating what time your child will be picked up and by whom. All students must be signed out if leaving prior to normal dismissal times. If you show up unannounced to pick up a student, please sign them out in the office so we have a record of who they went with. This is a safety precaution for the school and family members. NOTE: Last minute changes of plans may not get communicated to your child or their teacher before the end of the school day. Please call the school before 2:2:00 pm with after-school arrangements.

Welcome to our school. Our staff has been very busy preparing for another exciting year at SW. Please take a few minutes to read the following information regarding our school operations.

Information/Communication Process: Information about school events and community programs is sent home in the Parent Folder on Tuesdays. Please check the folder and return anything that requires your response promptly. Grades 2 - 4 also use daily student planners to organize assignments and allow notes written back and forth to school. Parents are encouraged to call or email teachers or contact the office with questions.

The PTC (Parent Teacher Council) sends home information describing all of our events/projects and volunteer opportunities for parents throughout the year. Work is done by committees and signup sheets are posted in the front hallway each fall. If you are interested in supporting a particular committee, contact the PTC chair or call the office. We thank you in advance for your help and support for all SW students. Our PTC makes such a difference for everyone by generating the extra funding needed to enrich the educational opportunities provided by the district. With funding diminishing from the state, we depend upon your help to keep us going forward. 
Thank You - Thank You - Thank You!!!
Schedule: School Hours are 8:30 am - 3:00 pm. Students should be seated in their classrooms by the 8:30 am bell. Students leave campus by 3:00 pm when the buses leave.  Students should be picked up by 3:00 pm at the west door or front entrance. Kindergarten and 1st Grades allow parent pick-ups at front entrance after 2:45 pm. Older students are encouraged to use the west door exit for pick-ups by 3:00 pm.
  • Morning drop off: 7:40 am is the earliest students can be dropped off at school. Do not leave students outside the door building or on school grounds before 7:40 am. The YMCA is available for early morning child care with transportation to district buildings. Parents dropping off or picking up students should not park in the bus drop off zone in front of the building. Space is available west of the front entrances for drop-off/pick-up.
  • Walking or biking to school: Students who walk or ride a bike to school need a current parent permission note on file in the office for the school year. We encourage everyone within walking distance of the school to walk or bike. Students should plan to arrive between 8:00 am-8:15 am and leave the school grounds by 3:00 pm.
  • Student absences: Please call the school with absent or tardy information by 9:00 am. Our voice mail will allow you to call and leave the message at any time of the night or morning. Absences and tardies are tracked by our truancy officer and it is critical we have “excuse” information. Absences are unexcused unless we hear from a parent the day of the absence or the student brings a note to school upon their return.  Any student arriving after the 8:30 am tardy bell must be signed in at the parent to get a late admittance slip from the office before entering their classroom. Late arrivals cause disruptions to the classroom and force teachers to repeat information and instructions, taking time away from the class.
  • End of the day pick-up: Plan to arrive after 2:45 pm but before 3:00 pm. Keeping the front hallway clear is helpful to our safe and timely departure. Parents who wish to pick up students should wait outside our library while teachers bring their classes down to the office at dismissal. You may also pick up students at the west door entrance on 7th Avenue. Parking is available in the lot across the street. Teachers monitor the west entrance pick up area. Please use extreme caution when driving around the school and dealing with bus and pedestrian traffic. Students not picked up by 3:00 pm will be asked to wait by the office for their ride. Please come into the building to get them. We respectfully ask that you pick your child up by 3:00 pm, as staff use the last half hour of the day for staff meetings, etc. requiring their undivided attention. After school daycare is available through Educare.
  • End of the day transportation changes: It is essential that we have a written note when students are going to change their routine at the end of the day.  If they are not to ride the bus home, we must also have a written note or call. (Call the Transportation Department at 218-327-5830 to arrange temporary or permanent bus arrangements.) Only “emergency” changes will be honored through a phone call after 2:00 pm, busy end of day schedules and closure activities may prevent messages from getting through on time. Students are sent home their usual way unless these rules are followed. Also, please sign your child out in the office if you come to take them at the end of the day without sending us a note.
The Breakfast/Lunch Food Service program is a prepayment system. There is no charging. Your account number remains the same from year to year and payment can be sent to SW or directly to the high school.  Your child will bring home a slip when your account is low. Money should be in an envelope with your child’s name, school, account number, and amount of money enclosed. Students require a good breakfast to get their day off to a good start. The district has breakfast available to purchase every day. Students who wait in the lunchroom in the morning can eat while they are waiting. Those students coming in on the last busses at 8:20 am will have time to eat before class starts (they can go directly to the lunchroom after getting off the bus).
Free & Reduced Lunch Applications: If you think you could qualify for this program please complete an application and get it into us as soon as possible. If you prefer a print form, they are available in the office. New forms must to be completed by October 1st or you will be charged for meals (which includes all of September).  This information remains confidential. All families who think they might qualify are strongly encouraged to apply because federal Title I funding eligibility is based on the percentage of students on the program.
Nursing Services: Our nurse, Traci Lessman, RN is on duty from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm on school days. If you need to connect with her please call or email her at Please update the school regarding health concerns requiring medications or staff awareness and complete the necessary health plans and authorization forms for medications to be taken at school. Update medical information on the Student Emergency Card annually.
Health Insurance for Your Child: If you do not have health care for your child Minnesota Health Care Programs have free and low-cost health insurance for children and families who qualify. Two examples are Medical Assistance, which has no monthly premium, and Minnesota Care, which has a monthly premium based on household income.  For more information, call your county office or visit
Additional Information: The district’s website is a great informational site for you to check out. The address is  Calendars, events, policies, our handbook, staff information and activities are all available for you to get more details. Every family receives a copy of the Elementary Handbooks the first week of school each fall. This document is also available on the district webpage. Use it to refer to school policies and procedures.